Monday, January 31, 2011

Au Vélodrome

At the Cycle Race Track', (Au Vélodrome), 1914.

Artist: Jean Metzinger

Nice example of Cubism.

[Almost Trued Pantoum]

At last, I have had both tires trued,
tube patched, all broken spokes replaced,
I can pedal abreast of you
-assuming I can match your pace.

Tube patched, all broken spokes replaced
my seat's been raised, my rim's been dished.
Assuming I can match your pace
we can bike as I've often wished.

My seat's been raised, my rim's been dished,
(lowered handlebars, tightened chain)
now we'll bike as I've often wished
-assuming that it doesn't rain.

Over tweaked handlebars and chain
We'll share a smoothie as we ride.
Assuming that it doesn't rain
we'll start whenever you decide.

We'll share a smoothie as we ride
and talk of things we think and feel.
We'll start whenever you decide
-no need to reinvent the wheel.

We'll talk of things we think and feel
as I pedal abreast of you.
Or did they reinvent the wheel
Just when I've, at last, had both tires trued?

by Mr. Daniel Hales

I could quibble that one trues wheels, not tires. But more importantly, the metaphor of the preparation, the ride, and the truth that "true" works so well as a verb. And pretty dang clever.
Daniel Hales is a poet and musician who fronts a wonderfully named band called The Frost Heaves. He lives in Massachusetts, where I assume he also rides.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jackie Avery

I just discovered the wonderful paintings of Portland artist Jackie Avery after a postcard with one of her paintings was slipped into the latest edition of Boneshaker. Take time to look through her site - it's not all bicycles. She's obviously got a soft spot for the lore.