Saturday, July 23, 2011

Own a Pegoretti!

Dario Pegoretti is widely acknowledged as one of the world's true master bicycle framebuilders. In a world where the "top" bike makers are increasingly turning to carbon, he continues to worship steel with the passion of an Italian lover. Watch this video to see what I mean.

I recently discovered the poster website postercabaret. Type in "bicycles" in the search bar and a bunch of cool posters come up, like this one by Will Bryant:

And this one by Diana Sudyka:

Most are limited editions. Some are sold out, like this one titled "Ghost Rider of the Paris-Roubaix, " also by Diana Sudyka.

At the top of the list is a poster by Dario Pegoretti.

I'd say $50 for a signed Dario Pegoretti is a bargain.

Thursday, March 17, 2011



Our last free summer we mooned about at odd hours
Pedalling slowly through country towns, stopping to eat
Chocolate and fruit, tracing our vagaries on the map.

At night we watched in the barn, to the lurch of melodeon music,
The crunching boots of countrymen -- huge and weightless
As their shadows -- twirling and leaping over the yellow concrete.

Sleeping too little or too much, we awoke at noon
And were received with womanly mockery into the kitchen,
Like calves poking our faces in with enormous hunger.

Daily we strapped our saddlebags and went to experience
A tolerance we shall never know again, confusing
For the last time, for example, the licit and the familiar.

Our instincts blurred with change; a strange wakefulness
Sapped our energies and dulled our slow-beating hearts
To the extremes of feeling; insensitive alike

To the unique succession of our youthful midnights,
When by a window ablaze softly with the virgin moon
Dry scones and jugs of milk awaited us in the dark,

Or to lasting horror: a wedding flight of ants
Spawning to its death, a mute perspiration
Glistening like drops of copper, agonized, in our path.

To hear and see Kinsella read some of his own poetry in that wonderful Irish voice, click here.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Au Vélodrome

At the Cycle Race Track', (Au Vélodrome), 1914.

Artist: Jean Metzinger

Nice example of Cubism.

[Almost Trued Pantoum]

At last, I have had both tires trued,
tube patched, all broken spokes replaced,
I can pedal abreast of you
-assuming I can match your pace.

Tube patched, all broken spokes replaced
my seat's been raised, my rim's been dished.
Assuming I can match your pace
we can bike as I've often wished.

My seat's been raised, my rim's been dished,
(lowered handlebars, tightened chain)
now we'll bike as I've often wished
-assuming that it doesn't rain.

Over tweaked handlebars and chain
We'll share a smoothie as we ride.
Assuming that it doesn't rain
we'll start whenever you decide.

We'll share a smoothie as we ride
and talk of things we think and feel.
We'll start whenever you decide
-no need to reinvent the wheel.

We'll talk of things we think and feel
as I pedal abreast of you.
Or did they reinvent the wheel
Just when I've, at last, had both tires trued?

by Mr. Daniel Hales

I could quibble that one trues wheels, not tires. But more importantly, the metaphor of the preparation, the ride, and the truth that "true" works so well as a verb. And pretty dang clever.
Daniel Hales is a poet and musician who fronts a wonderfully named band called The Frost Heaves. He lives in Massachusetts, where I assume he also rides.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jackie Avery

I just discovered the wonderful paintings of Portland artist Jackie Avery after a postcard with one of her paintings was slipped into the latest edition of Boneshaker. Take time to look through her site - it's not all bicycles. She's obviously got a soft spot for the lore.